Kathleen Norton-Gallaher

Kathleen Norton-Gallaher, Trustee
Kathleen Norton-Gallaher, Board Chair
Member since 2006
Profession: Management Consultant
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Erin Feldman Mendez

Erin Feldman Mendez, Vice Chair
Member since 2020
Profession: Liberty Point Advisors, Vineland, NJ
Title: Financial Advisor
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Cosmo A. Giovinazzi IV

Cosmo A. Giovinazzi IV, Chairman
Cosmo A. Giovinazzi IV, Secretary
Member since 1999
Profession: Capital Bank of New Jersey
Title: Vice President/Cumberland County Market Manag
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Shayne Bevilacqua

Shayne Bevilacqua, Vice Chair
Shayne Bevilacqua, Trustee
Member since 2012
Profession: Professional Liability Insurance Group
Title: Owner & Principal
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Donata Dalesandro

Donata Dalesandro, Trustee
Member since 2015
Profession: Newfield National Bank
Title: Marketing/Advertising Officer
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Kenneth Dondero

Kenneth Dondero, Trustee
Member since 2019
Profession: Dondero's Jewelry
Title: Retired Owner/Partner
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Morgan Falasca

Morgan Falasca , Trustee
Member since 2022
Profession: Downtown Cookies Title: Owner
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Mark Fox

Mark Fox, Trustee
Mark Fox, Trustee
Member since 1990
Profession: Fox 21 / The Fox Foundation
Title: Vice President / Director
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Emmanuel Gauffeny

Emmanuel Gauffeny, Trustee
Member since 2017
Profession: Arc International North America
Title: Vice President
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Dawn Hunter

Dawn Hunter, Trustee
Member since 2017
Profession: Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce
Title: Executive Director
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