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The Mentor2.0 program takes the matches in a specific direction – planning for the future. In this program, high school juniors from Cumberland County Technical Education Center (CCTEC) are enrolled and matched with mentors with a college degree or significant professional experience. The mentor helps the student prepare for college and supports them through their freshman year. They work through a specified curriculum. They communicate weekly through a secure virtual platform and attend a monthly in-person event during the school year. This proven technology-enriched mentoring program helps high school students graduate and succeed in college and the workforce.

The curriculum focuses on
college and career readiness

  • Relationship Building

    Fosters a strong mentor/mentee relationship through sharing professional experiences, networking skills, short/long-term goal planning, and leadership development
  • Non-cognitive skills

    Develops study skills, social skills, and learning strategies to enhance student’s educational achievement
  • College knowledge

    Strengthens college aspirations, and builds an understanding of college eligibility, the application process, and support systems

Mentor2.0 survey results

Survey students reported the top four ways their mentor has helped them:

Research careers to better understand how to pursue a career they are interested in

Write a professional resume and/or cover letter

Introduced them to people who share their college and/or career interests

Prepared for an interview

Survey results from randomly selected juniors from 2021-2022 in the Mentor 2.0 program.

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