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Be a big

Becoming a Big is more important now than ever.


Our agency serves young people from age seven through young adulthood in one-to-one mentoring friendships that help ignite their potential! There are no special skills required to be a trusted friend, you just need a few hours a month to make a difference.


Each match is supported by a dedicated Match Support Specialist who is always there to provide resources and support specific to the Little’s age. With a Big in their life, Littles in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are empowered to ignite their potential as they grow in their self-esteem, earn better grades, and develop a lifelong friendship with their Big.

Meet some of our matches

“This program has been a great experience for me and I would encourage any up and coming high school student to join it. It makes you feel good to be involved with your community in a supportive way.”


High School Big Brother, Owen

“I love hanging out with my Little! She doesn’t care what we do as long as she is with me.”


Big Sister Sheila

“A lot of things would be different in my life but, thanks to Arlene, my life is so much better with her in it.”


Trinity, Little Sister to Arlene

“I love having the pleasure to experience meeting with my Big every week! We played games, got to know one another’s hobbies, our likes and dislikes and got to spend time with one another! Last year was really a great year!”


Little Sister, Emily

“I have been able to talk to Matt about things I wanted to learn. Matt gave me an older male figure in my life when I did not have one”


Stephen, Little Brother to Matt



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Why is mentoring important?

Mentoring is the act of providing guidance and friendship to someone who could use a role model for life’s choices and decisions. By mentoring, people can help others reach goals and improve self-esteem. When mentoring children, volunteers offer to help build a strong foundation for youth as they grow.

How does mentoring work?

It’s simple. Someone volunteers to develop a relationship with a young person, offering support and guidance. By spending time together, learning new things and enjoying friendship, the mentor helps the young person make better life choices.

Why choose this program over others?

Big Brothers Big Sisters pioneered youth mentoring in 1904. We are the industry leader in mentoring services to children. An independent national study surveyed our programs and methods spanning a five-year period. This research company found kids involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs were more likely to graduate and stay out of trouble when compared to their peers without mentors. They also found kids improved their school grades and relationships with others. Our program has proven results.

How do children come into the program?

Children and parents may hear about Big Brothers Big Sisters from a teacher, a counselor, their church, a friend, commercials, etc. All children and their parents choose to be in our program. You can enroll a child now and have it link to the Enroll a Child Now form.

What is your service area?

The service area includes Cumberland and Salem counties.